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An Online Center for Trumpet Study

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            • Information concerning Pete's private studio teaching has been moved to (online teaching info will remain here)

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Teaching Philosophy:

            • Every trumpet player, regardless of the style of music they choose to play, needs to understand the Mechanics of Excellent Trumpet Playing first. 
            • Good Mechanics lead to solid Fundamentals, which  are essential to success in any style of music. 
            • The Mastery of the Mechanics of Trumpet Playing (which lead to solid, consistent Fundamentals) involves the working with habits and the whole psyco-physical self. (see some brief thoughts on the Alexander Technique)
            • With a solid foundation in the Fundamentals, a student can go in any direction (muscially) or anywhere in the country (any music program), well-prepared and confident.
            • Everyone has the capacity to be a Master Musician.
            • Everyone has a free a membership card for creativity and is endowed with the necessary tools and resources to develop to their full potential.
            • The student-teacher relationship (as I view it).

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