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Health Suggestions

Eat Raw Organic Vegetables

Avoid Milk Products

Breathe Deeply

Drink More Water

Take Vitamins

Exercise Regularly

Take Herbal Extracts

During the cold and flu season, use liquid ecinacea with goldenseal (non- alcohol) to boost the immune system. Non-alcohol products are best if they can be found. It is very common to find the 2 extracts together in one solution. Both herbal extracts are natural anitbiotics that are not harmful to the body. They do not strip the immune system of its strength or destroy the intestinal flora. When you feel a scratchy throat coming on take a full dropper directly on the tongue or dissolve in a glass of water. In extreme cases take a dropper full every hour. Continue until you have taken the entire 2 oz. bottle (the most common size sold in health food stores.